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Let’s bring the Quebec model to Kijiji! | JDM – Le Journal de Montréal

Do you know what a gleaner is?

This is a person who picks up things that others have thrown into the trash.

Furniture, food, clothing…

The gleaners walk through the streets, looking at what people have thrown away and picking up what they think can be “recovered”.

“Here, a wooden chair!” Well, the paint is chipped, but a good coat of paint and you’re done! It will be like new…”


Quebec and Canada like that, read up.

In 2016, the Harper government confiscated beautiful payroll software (the famous Phoenix system) that Australians had thrown in the trash.

The Crocodile Dundee country abolished this payroll system because it was consistently disruptive. The Auditor General of Australia has also released two reports saying this deeply flawed system should never have been used.

The Phoenix system (developed by IBM) was supposed to cost $6 million, but ended up costing $1.2 billion.

What has Canada done?

We got it back!

Result: The system failed and costs exploded.

The same applies to the education reform that Quebec imported from Switzerland in the early 2000s.

“It will completely change the way we teach!” we were told. No more notes needed on certificates! »

However, the canton of Geneva, which had adopted this reform, abolished it and returned to the good old grading system!

But we got it back and said a coat of paint would do the trick…


I have an idea: What if, instead of buying other people’s old things, we sold our old things to others?

I guess we’re not the only ones going through the trash after all…

There are certainly other governments as naive as us!

I have already written the ad for Kijiji.

“Beautiful model from Quebec for sale. Worked real wonders in the 1960s. Thanks to this model, Quebec managed to create a strong state and gain access to modernity. Price is negotiable. »

Now, we’re not saying that this model (developed in the ’60s in response to the problems of the ’60s) is broken everywhere and struggling to stay upright.

We don’t show our dilapidated hospitals, our fungus-eaten schools and we don’t say that Quebecers are the most taxed and taxed taxpayers in the world, no!

We will be posting some beautiful Technicolor photos from the Expo years. With smiling officials staring optimistically at the horizon.

I am sure we will experience a disaster!


Speaking of money…

On Saturday I denounced the hypocrisy of politicians who lament the housing crisis but have never done anything to solve the problem.

Among other things, I talked about the mayor of Montreal, who would rather build bike paths than social housing.

Do you know how much money the City of Montreal spent on bike lanes this year?

Three hundred million dollars.

And how much money was spent on social housing?

One hundred and twenty million.


Les eaux seront plus agitees pour le Canadien lan prochain