Letizia Ortiz and Felipe from Spain: the holiday in Mallorca that calms the issues

Letizia Ortiz and Felipe from Spain: the holiday in Mallorca that calms the issues

Probably, had they not been the subject of photographers’ lenses, they would have gone unnoticed, even if they are the King and Queen of Spain. There Philip of Bourbon and Letizia Ortizon vacation with her daughters Leonor and Sofiain Mallorca they behave just like ordinary tourists, despite the cheap clothes worn by the queen and princesses.

After all, The Kings of Spain call the Balearic Islands their home. This is where they traditionally spend their summer holidays, treat themselves to dinner in the restaurant (without much fanfare), Shopping between the stallsor simply walks like the one they were just seen and immortalized in.

Close-meshed, calm and relaxed: This is how the royal family appeared on vacation. Queen Letizia and her daughter Sofia, accomplices looking at the shop windows in the centre, and King Felipe breaking away from his eldest daughter Leonor (who will return). Wales where he studies), only to respond politely to some people who stop him in the street.

A picture that puts everyone in a good moodbut still more Spanish subjects than after the storms of recent times—from the transfer of Juan Carlos I in the United Arab Emirates separation the infanta Christina and Inaki Urdangarin after his (public) betrayal – they are reassured by the solidity of the royal family.

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