1672749625 Less 114 percent sharp drop in unemployment in Leoben district

Less 11.4 percent: sharp drop in unemployment in Leoben district Leoben

As of December 31, 2022, statistics from the Public Employment Service (AMS) in Leoben district show a drop in unemployment from the previous year. A total of 1,459 people were registered as unemployed, 188 fewer than in December 2021.

LEOBEN DISTRICT. A total of 1,459 people were in Leoben district at the end of December 2022 Unemployed and therefore 188 fewer people than in December 2021. This decline is even more pronounced in the district, with 11.4% less than in Styria, where 6.2% fewer people were registered as unemployed in December 2022 than in the previous year.

“Sensational decline” in unemployed women

If we take a closer look at the unemployed group, we will notice that there is a clear difference between men and women: “At the end of December, 585 women and 874 men were unemployed in the district. The seasonal increase is noticeable for men, but unemployment still fell . The decline among women is sensational at minus 18.2 percent,” reports Helmut WiesmullerAMS office manager Leoben.

Less 114 percent sharp drop in unemployment in Leoben district

Broken down by age, the year-over-year declines are 13.6% for people over 50, 10.7% for people 25 to under 50, and 5.8% for people under 25. For foreigners there was a reduction of 2.2 percent. The number of participants in the training also dropped and currently stands at 354 people.

“The high figure of 1,262 immediately available vacancies documents the continuation of the huge need for personnel in the economy, so it can be said that the number of vacancies reported has slightly decreased since the summer, but remains stable at a very high level.”
Helmut Wiesmullerbranch manager at AMS Leoben

employeesr are still in Leoben district wanted in all areas, short-time work or questions about short-term work exist only in individual cases, reports Wiesmüller. At the end of December, there were 65 apprentices and 16 apprentices. Recruiting apprentices for the summer is already in full swing.

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Employment increase of 1.5 percent

with 23,577 employees At the end of November there was once again a 1.5 percent increase in employment compared to the previous year. The unemployment rate lie with 4.7 percent At the end of November, it was also still well below previous years. It dropped to 4 percent among working-age people aged 25 to 50 and to 4.6 percent among young people. It fell particularly significantly, by 6.2 percent, among people over 50 years of age. The unemployment rate is particularly low at 1.9% in production: with 6,437 employees, there are only 126 unemployed in this area.

The continuation of the good economic situation allied to demographic evolution continues to demand acute labor shortage, explains Wiesmüller. In the district of Leoben, there are 7,275 employees over 50 years old, against 2,619 employees under 25 years old. Of the 23,577 employees, 3,639 are foreigners, which corresponds to an increase of 12.3 percent.

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