The Cowboys Fringants postpone all of their fall concerts including

Les Cowboys Fringants postpone all of their fall concerts, including the European tour

Karl Tremblay has decided to slow down and Les Cowboys Fringants are therefore postponing all concerts planned for this fall, including the European tour in November.

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The singer, who is battling prostate cancer, announced the news himself in a video on his Instagram account on Wednesday morning.

“ [Depuis l’été]I received a lot of messages saying: “Take care of yourself Karl, take a break, take care of your health and your family.” I decided to listen to you, listen to myself, take a break. Therefore, we will be canceling the fall shows so I can focus on my treatments, getting back into shape, recovering physically and mentally, and everything else. I’m trying to come back to you in better shape and with more energy,” he says.

“Cowboy shows are demanding,” the singer continues. We like it when something moves, when people sing, when people dance with us. I’m going to put some juice back in the tank, as they say, and also give the treatments a chance to work their magic, to continue working on the things that are happening inside me that are a little out of my control. »

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Europe: Until next time

Karl Tremblay also promised the group’s admirers in Europe that it was just a postponement.

“It’s not canceled, it’s postponed. We don’t know exactly when, but we will visit you at some point. I just wanted to tell you that we haven’t forgotten you, we love you. »

Cédric Laugère, a French admirer, said he had “a mixed feeling between worry (cancellations or postponements are not limited to French dates) and relief because this French tour and the energy expended by Karl at each concert seemed unreasonable.” »

Even if he takes a break, Karl Tremblay won’t sit idle. He indicated that he will go on stage with his friend Jean-François Pauzé to present their show “Le shack à Jean-Karl”.

“We will continue to do Jean-Karl Shacks and sit quietly in our little town in L’Assomption. If you are bored with us, you can come visit us. »

Was emotional

The last few months have been hectic and emotional for the Cowboys Fringants, who have been forced to cancel or postpone several concerts due to the chemotherapy treatments Karl Tremblay was undergoing.

The group was still able to meet certain commitments. In Quebec, an estimated 90,000 people attended one of the most impressive and moving shows in the history of the summer festival on the Plains of Abraham.

Pause or not, the Cowboys Fringants will remain in the news for months to come. A musical comedy by the company Les 7 Fingers de la Main, Pub Royal, inspired by their work, will be performed in Quebec and Montreal from November 22nd.