L’Eredità, a toast together with the champion of Terni: jackpot won and special detail    Tvpertutti

L’Eredità, a toast together with the champion of Terni: jackpot won and special detail Tvpertutti

The legacy Uncork the sparkling wine! Flavio Insinna and his team had not celebrated a win for several episodes. The negative trend was finally broken on the evening of January 19th by a new competitor from Terni, Eleonora. It can be said that the latter acted to the best of his knowledge and even managed to undermine the champion of the moment, Riccardo. But in addition to the big win, the viewers noticed a special detail.

Legacy, a December candidate returns

in the Episode of Thursday 19 January of L’Eredità, Flavio Insinna has reinstated one of the champions who competed in December’s L’Eredità – Challenge to the Champion. Because it was a special edition, contestants who attended it were unable to continue playing in the following episode. And so Aurora had a chance to make amends. Joselito Somma, Eleonora from Terni, Alessandro from Rome, the champion Riccardo, Caterina from Val di Pesa and Francesco from Ancona played with the girl.

Samira is absent from the January 19, 2023 episode

“I had seen that Samira was a little stuck,” he joked Flavio Insina when the professors enter the scene. This time the girl was absent, and in her place appeared the traditional hardcover. But what happened Samira Luis? The conductor reassured the audience by saying that he would be back soon and that everything was under control.

Eleonora, after winning several fights, managed to end up in Triello together with Riccardo and Joselito. The latter failed to access the final jab, leaving room for the other two competitors to play it out with questions. In the end, the new champion from Terni won with a really high prize money!

Jackpots and Prize Word The Legacy January 19th

To be his first time on the guillotine Eleanor She managed to win a €210,000 prize pool and did her best to defend it. After three halvings, the new champion reached the final value of €26,250. Within a minute the lightbulb went on. ‘Peace – Trial – Deed – Freedom – Stain’, the woman had no doubt in writing ‘CONSCIENCE’, triumphant. Examination of conscience, acting according to conscience, peace with science, freedom of conscience and defilement of conscience.

The special detail: for the first time she clink glasses

For the first time in the history of L’Eredità with Insinna, the champion also received a glass of sparkling wine to toast with Professor Andrea. 26,250 euros in gold stamps! “There’s just one thing I don’t envy you for. How are you going to tell Riccardo later? You win on the first try!’ Flavio Insinna cried out in applause and gave Rg1 the line. Will Eleonora create an encore?