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Leonor and Sofia from Spain between heels and pigtails: what a style! Look davip

the trendy looks of letizia, leonor and sofia of spain

To see her in the crowd Leonor and Sofia of Spain They could easily be mistaken for ordinary girls. Instead, the two teenagers belong to one of the most important royal families in Europe. They tour with the bodyguards, attend national and international events with their parents, the King Felipe and Queen Letizia: their agenda is busy. But blue blood doesn’t stop sisters from dressing like their peers. Her approach to fashion is fresh, colorful and trendy…in the footsteps of her famous mother.

Summer with the family, between events and relaxation

the trendy looks of letizia, leonor and sofia of spainThe Royal Family of Spain in Barcelona

These are busy days for Spanish royals, who are busy with a series of official appointments across the country. Solo outing for Leonor and Sofiawho visited the Dalì Museum in Figueras without their parents. Thanks to the summer holidays, the sisters took part in court proceedings again. Leonor of Spain She has recently returned home from her first year of college in Wales: now she is ready to spend a few weeks with her family. And it is in full force that the Royal Family came to Barcelona for the events related to the Princess of Girona Foundation Awards. Smiles, phrases whispered in the ear, complicit looks: Felipe, Letizia, Leonor and Sofia they appeared razor sharp. The ladies of the house also enchanted with their looks.

Three styles to copy

the trendy looks of letizia, leonor and sofia of spainTrendy sisters in the museum

Letizia Ortiz he is considered a style icon worldwide. Reina always competes for the podium of the best-dressed royals Kate Middleton and the other noble (Do you remember who was voted the most elegant royal of 2021?). These days, she’s opted for solid color midi dresses, like that Kos white gathered on the bodice Bouret blue with jewelry details. However, the daughters stole the show from everyone. Knee suggestions also for the 16-year-old Leonor of Spainwho will one day be queen. The girl is flawless in the blue dress by miphaicombined with pumps with a decent heel from Carolina Herrera. At 15 the toddler Sofia instead, he favors more sparkly proposals, like the polka dot mini dress from zara or the worked dress of Claudia Pierlot. The teenager also set a trend by presenting herself in the Dali Museum with four funky braids that sprouted from her loose and wavy hair: a trend for the summer to imitate!

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