Leonardo’s scandalous video comes to light and the public is stunned by the situation of Zé Felipe’s daughter

Leonardo’s scandalous video comes to light and the public is stunned by the situation of Zé Felipe’s daughter

Leonardo has a video not remembering his granddaughter’s name that’s going viral again

There is a video of Leonardo on Virginia’s channel that is going viral on social media. The recording in question relates to the time when the singer took part in a conversation with his daughterinlaw and son Zé Felipe long before the birth of Maria Alice.

He was invited to answer some fan questions. At one point in the recording, he just didn’t know his granddaughter’s name, and that was funny at the time, and it’s now gone viral again on social media.

The moment came after a question about the couple’s daughter who is about to give birth. In the question, the netizen wanted to know if Leonardo would go for a walk with Mali, short for Maria Alice, after he was born. So the sertanejo wanted to know: “What is this, Mali?”. Virginia then explained it to her fatherinlaw.

At the time of the video, Virginia was five months pregnant with Maria Alice. Everyone in the Costa family was delighted with the arrival of their granddaughter, who is now the darling of the whole family. Zé Felipe’s wife is even waiting for another girl.

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This is not new to anyone Leonardo and Gustavo Lima They were good friends. The two almost never let go and used their breaks to play foot volleyball or even go fishing. But the sudden distancing drew attention. Many people wonder if the two are no longer friends.

To have a small dimension, even interactions on social networks have become unusual. Apparently the beginning of a mess in a live ended the friendship of millions of singers. The confusion was finally revealed by Fabíola Reipert presenting Hora da Venenosa at Balanço Geral SP.

Record’s contractor said during the broadcast that the two singers were fighting. According to the journalist, Leonardo wasn’t at all happy to be called an old man by Gusttavo Lima in one of the moments of the last live that the two did. Poliana Rocha’s husband would have been upset about the controversial situation.

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