Leonardo on inflation: “Girl who was worth R,000 is now asking for R,000”

Leonardo on inflation: “Girl who was worth R$1,000 is now asking for R$3,000”

Country singer Leonardo, 59, was surprised by the sincerity with which he responded to presenter Ratinho, 66, about the increase in the value of the fee he charges for his musical performances.

“Why did you raise the price of the show so much?” the SBT animator asked during an interview with Leonardo on Programa do Ratinho. “It’s just that everything got more expensive in this pandemic. A girl who was worth R$1,000 is asking for R$3,000 today,” the musician compared, making Ratinho laugh.

“Now for example the show that was worth 100,000 reals, now I charge 300,000 reals and people pay. I don’t know where people are going to find money in this pandemic. I think it’s the rich who hide money in the bank and now spend it out of fear of death,” Leonardo continued.

Ratinho’s interview with Ze Felipe’s father was broadcast on SBT in July, but only in the last few days has this part of the chat found particular resonance on social networks, where it has caused many comments among the netizens on duty.