1672695252 Leonardo DiCaprio and Lorenzo Lamas daughter Victoria ring in the

Leonardo DiCaprio and Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter Victoria ring in the new year together

Leonardo DiCaprio and a mysterious woman

Leonardo DiCaprio welcomed 2023 into very good company – Credits: @The Grosby Group

Leonardo DiCaprio started in 2023 on a luxury yacht accompanied by friends and a mysterious womanwho would become the new star couple. This is Victoria Lamas, 23, daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas.

The group anchored the ship, owned by Swiss pharmaceutical billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli, off the coast of Saint Barth. There they spent the entire afternoon of December 31st and celebrated the turn of the year, eating, drinking and enjoying together. In the afternoon, they wore casual and beachy looks, including hats and swimsuits.

Although the pair’s environment means they are just friends, this is the third time they have been spotted together. A few days ago, a week before Christmas, they were spotted spending the afternoon together and her father had already come out to talk about his daughter’s relationship with the actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio and a mysterious woman

Leonardo DiCaprio received 2023 in Saint Barth – Credits: @The Grosby Group

“I know you like it very much” said llamas. “I think they met last month. I’m not sure of the circumstances, but that’s what he told me.”he added.

“She is very happy ‘ said Lorenzo, adding that the term ‘enchanted’ was born during a phone conversation with his daughter on Christmas Eve. “I told her to treat the relationship like a vacation and enjoy it as long as possible while it lasted. And if it lasts longer than a normal vacation, great. But if not, take care of your heart because it is very young “, he added.

Lamas spoke to the press just days after Victoria was spotted getting into the 48-year-old actor’s car after the two enjoyed a road trip in West Hollywood on December 20. Lorenzo, who had Victoria with his ex-wife, Playboy playmate Shauna Sand, regretted his statements minutes after giving The Post a note.

Leonardo DiCaprio and a mysterious woman

Victoria Lamas is 23 and would be the actor’s new partner – Credits: @The Grosby Group

“I only spoke to you because I felt like it was something positive, but she doesn’t feel that way,” Lorenzo said in a phone call with the journalist. “They are friends, not in a serious relationship. And I just want that to be clear ‘ he stressed.

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The Post also revealed that Lorenzo was reticent when asked if Victoria was still “delighted” with DiCaprio. “Yes, delighted, but they are not together. She obviously likes him “, said. “But they’re not dating and she doesn’t want that to come out because it would be really bad. It would be embarrassing for her if he reads something that says they are dating when they are not. “.

Born on 04/24/1999, Victoria Lamas is a young model, artist and actress, daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas and model Shauna Sand.. The young woman has a nascent acting career, highlighted by her roles in 2019’s Talk Later, 2020’s Secret Identity and the short film Two Niner. With 31,100 followers on Instagram, Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter often shares snaps of her photo sessions and some of her artistic creations.

The theory about Leonardo DiCaprio and his wives

In recent months, DiCaprio has been singled out for what appears to be a very specific pattern of behavior. In his various relationships, the actor has never dated a woman over 25. In addition to the controversy and memes this theory generated, a psychological explanation also emerged. British specialist Emma Kenny, speaking to The Sun, pointed out that the interpreter is in a “highly unusual position” from which he can “pick whoever he wants until he gets bored or realizes that his partner Wanting to move into more terrain Security through marriage or having children, the latter of which he explained is a desire that comes with some frequency around the age of 25 and is therefore a key age at which the Actor’s partner ties end.

“His inability to commit long-term could be viewed as a weakness, but it’s more of a preference he’s developed from his understanding of the world of Hollywood, where relationships rarely stand the test of time,” she added.

Following his split from Camila Morrone last August, when the actress reached that age, the 48-year-old interpreter was spotted with Gigi Hadid, 27, which is odd given the model’s age. However, that connection didn’t thrive, despite attracting plenty of attention from the paparazzi, who followed them until they managed to snap a snap of the short-lived couple.