Leonardo Del Vecchio, here is the new love (after the flash wedding)

Leonardo Del Vecchio, here is the new love (after the flash wedding)

by Federica Bandirali

The weekly paparazzi managed by Alfonso Signorini the heir of Luxottica accompanied by his new alleged girlfriend. This is the model Giselle Adora Brune

A month after the news of the end of the wedding between Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio, heir of Luxottica, and Anna Castellini Baldisserra (the wedding was celebrated in June 2022), the 27-year-old son would have already found a new love: the weekly magazine Chi lo ha photographed on Via Montenapoleone in Milan, accompanied by Giselle Adora Brune, a 22-year-old American model. Californian to be exact. On her Instagram account, the girl herself shared photos and videos taken in the Lombard capital, showing that she spent days among Italian culinary excellence and a visit to the Duomo.

Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio had married Anna Castellini Baldissera, a 22-year-old model heir to a Milan family, in St Tropez after celebrating their first civil wedding in Milan in 2021. The Dagospia website had added economic details to their split: The marriage of the feisty Leonardo Del Vecchio Junior, who married heiress Anna Castellini Baldissera in Saint-Tropez in June, would already be over. The Scapricciatello offspring would have lost 40 million to fire his wife, the online newspaper wrote. However, as Corriere has already reported, people close to his family speak of much lower numbers, from which a zero should definitely be subtracted.

January 18, 2023 (change January 18, 2023 | 16:26)