Leonardo confirms advanced cancer diagnosis regrets and reveals result I

Leonardo confirms advanced cancer diagnosis, regrets and reveals result: ‘I had to break the news’

Leonardo vented after receiving devastating news.

Everyone knows that Leonardo next to brother Leandroshaped country music in the 90’s, where they were very successful and left a legion of fans all over Brazil.

Although, Leandro discovered in 1998 that he had advanced cancer. It was an askin tumor located in his right lung. Due to the severity of the disease, the sertanejo could not resist and died that same year.

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Now 58 years old, Leonardo recalled the sad reality he faced at the time with his brother. the husband of Polyana Rocha fully supported the family.

The famous PodCats recently gave an emotional interview Virginia Fonseca and Camilla Louresand detailing how late he received the news of cancer Leandro.


According to the Sertanejo, he had a reality check when he discovered his brother’s illness. Everything happened on the day of the birth of his son, the singer Ze Felipe.

“When Leandro got sick, when I found out about Leandro’s illness, that was the day Zé was born. He was going to be born on May 7th, but he was expecting it the same day Leandro started feeling the pain,” he confessed. Leonardo.

The singer then revealed that he received the message from himself. Leandro. “It was Leandro who announced the birth of my son. He said: “Leonardo, I will spoil your party, you drink a cold beer, but you have to go because your son will be born at 5 in the morning,” the sertanejo said.

“I I had to break the news my mother that she had a wonderful grandson. But that we would lose a brother,” he said. Leonardowho tearfully remembers one of the most traumatic moments of his life, the loss of his brother at the height of his success.

Faustão Leonardo (photo: reproduction) Zé FelipeLeonardo (Photo: Playback / Tape)