Leo Lins can be arrested for mocking a child with

Leo Lins can be arrested for mocking a child with hydrocephalus

Comedian Leo Lins, 39, was not only fired from SBT but also arrested for making fun of a Ceará child with hydrocephalus, as his attitude could be understood as a crime of discrimination against people with disabilities.


Credit: Reproduction/Instagram @leolinsLeo Lins may be arrested for mocking a child with hydrocephalus

The crime is provided for in art. 88 of Law n. 13.146/2015, which pertains to the Disability Statute.

If convicted, Leo Lins face one to three years in prison and a fine.

“Every person with a disability has the right to equal opportunities with other people and is not discriminated against. Practicing, inducing or instigating discrimination against a person because of their disability: Penalty imprisonment from 1 (one) to 3 (three) years and a fine,” reads the text of the law.

understand the case

A joke Léo Lins made with a child with hydrocephalus went viral on social media.

Lins starts talking about Telethon, which raises money to help children with health problems, and then mentions the story of a boy from Ceará:

“I think Telethon is really cool because they help kids with all sorts of problems. I saw a video of a boy in the Ceará countryside with hydrocephalus. On the plus side, the only place in town that has water is at its head. The family didn’t even have it removed, but instead installed a fountain. Now the father draws his son’s water and everyone is happy.”


SBT dismissal

The channel’s human resources department summoned Léo this afternoon, Monday 4th, to inform him of his resignation. “He no longer has a contract with us,” the broadcaster said in a statement.

According to Em Off, the broadcaster’s decision, authorized by Silvio Santos and SBT’s top leadership, is irreversible as the Abravanel family is responsible for the Telethon, a charity fundraiser maintained by the Association for Assistance to Disabled Children (AACD) units ) open throughout Brazil.

Presenter Silvia Abravanel, who is responsible for the children’s program at her father’s station, would have been surprised at the “joke” of Lins, who is part of the team of the show “The Night”, moderated by Danilo Gentili.

What does the AACD say?

The Association for Assistance to Disabled Children (AACD) issued a note regretting the incident. “The AACD has vehemently denied Leo Lins’ ‘joke’ in a video recently posted to the comedian’s social media. In an extremely unfortunate and quite capable speech, he attacks people with hydrocephalus, calls people with disabilities “children with different kinds of problems” and shows disrespect for the residents of Ceará,” the association said.

Here is the AACD’s position regarding the video recently released by Leo Lins pic.twitter.com/9QtLWqekQA

official aacdoficial (@AACD) July 4, 2022

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