Leo Dias embraces relationship and motherinlaw discovers all of Patrícia Abravanel on SBT: “She asked for show”

Leo Dias embraces relationship and motherinlaw discovers all of Patrícia Abravanel on SBT: “She asked for show”

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Leo Dias made a revelation about how his motherinlaw discovered his relationship and information came from Patrícia Abravanel

Leo Dias will be attending The Noite this Thursday, June 16 with Danilo Gentilli and in the program he made major revelations about his life.

Speaking about his professional and personal life, Leo Dias even commented on how he met her husband and how her motherinlaw discovered their relationship:

“I am bridegroom. I think it’s gold. I didn’t rate it, nor did I imagine it would arouse interest…. Patricia (Abravanel) asked me to show it and his mother found out about the ‘Silvio Santos program’,” emphasized Leo Dias.

Leo Dias exposes Gofocalizando: "A bomb would fall from there"

Leo Dias breaks the silence and reveals the background of what he lived in Fofocalizando: “A bomb would fall from this place.”

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Leo Dias has embraced a romance with a handsome man (Photo: Reproduction)

Leo Dias leaked his intimate life, proposal and shocking handsome man because of Patrícia Abravanel

Danilo also asked the journalist about his sources and how he gets the information before anyone else, stressing that a fan is always the best detective:

lion daysLéo Dias no Fofocalizando (Reproduction / SBT)

“Fan is the best detective in the world. All terms of Maiara and Fernando were fans who told me. All his betrayals, fan who told me. And I’m glad all the fans are looking for me.”


Leo Dias commented that he was approached on the TMZ website for a project that was very successful in the United States, here in Brazil, but that the negotiations didn’t materialize.

“Not now. It’s a very strong American news outlet, but it’s a foot in the door. It’s more ‘oldfashioned’ Leo Dias, more acid… You know what I post. You don’t know what I don’t post It’s hairy stories… Today I think more about the other, about the consequences.”

The journalist also opened up about his early career and the threats he faced: “I’ve been threatened a couple of times. Bicheiro, policeman… who was Suzana Vieira’s husband. He was a cop, died. He cheated on Suzana and I had all the pics…. There was a bookmaker who was married and paid another school so his mistress could become drum queen. I had paid 600,000 for the school, then she was no longer a queen, she was losing money, the wife wanted to separate. And I was the culprit.”

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