Leo Dias arrested?  Justice decides detention after insult with Tiago Leifert  Folha Vitória

Leo Dias arrested? Justice decides detention after insult with Tiago Leifert Folha Vitória

Photo: Edson Aipim/AgNews

the columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, can be arrested. That’s because he was sentenced to a year and three months in prison by the Rio de Janeiro judiciary after a fight he toyed with Thiago Leifert and the father of the former presenter.

The lawsuit was brought by the former Globo himself and by his father, Gilbert Leifert.

The whole mess happened because the columnist published an article in 2020 in which he said: “A CONAR strongman who attacked Gusttavo Lima is the father of Tiago Leifert”. The presenter’s lawyers went to court, claiming the text was “sensationalist” and “liar”.

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The memo accused the journalist of drawing conclusions and implying that Gilberto Leifert had influenced the opening of a criminal investigation against Gusttavo Lima. Gilberto is also a former employee of Globo.

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Judge Flávio Itabaiana Leifert agreed in the decision. “The content of the article gives readers the false impression that Gilberto would be willing to use the respect and prestige earned over decades of work to reach out to singer Gustavo Lima, a person he has never dated and against has nothing.”, says the petition according to Contigo.

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Tiago Leifert himself commented and criticized the matter at the time.

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In 2021 Leo Dias also revoked the publication.

According to Em Off, the journalist may still have to pay up to BRL 80,000 in compensation to Tiago and his father.