Lenier Mesas alleged cousin quotHe was ungrateful to mequot

Lenier Mesa’s alleged cousin: "He was ungrateful to me"

A young man named Armando Mesawho identified himself as the singer’s cousin Lenier tableHe shared on social media that he was living in precarious conditions in the United States and needed the artist’s help.

In a video posted on the Instagram profile La balsa cubana TV, this man said: “I am outraged, I live here in inhumane conditions and I have such a progressive family in this country.”

“I would like to report that Lenier was ungrateful to me. When Lenier didn’t have a guitar to sing with in Cuba, I loaned him this guitar that you see here. I brought it back from Cuba and lent it to him so he could play. When Lenier didn’t have a pair of shoes, I remember that back in Cuba I had some Nikes that I had with me for about eight years, they were worn out at the bottom, I lent them to him so that he could go to his first concerts in ‘ Palmas y Cañas’,” the alleged cousin added.

The man assured that he made this video so that it could reach the artist: “I don’t like making these videos because people think that I want money and I’m a freeloader, but family, I’m wrong.” ‘I’m about to commit a crime.’ Crazy. I want this message to reach Lenier Mesa, my cousin I helped you so much, buddy, call me.”

After Lenier’s controversial trip to Cuba According to him, during the Santa Maria Music Festival to see his sick grandfather, several problems related to his family life came to light.

In an interview with Alexander Otaola, his father said that Lenier He never visited his grandfather and denied sleeping in a car on the street upon his arrival in the United States.

In recent weeks, the singer has been embroiled in another controversy following the YouTuber’s announcement Ultrack will accuse him of assault.