Legislative Commissions of the Guatemalan Congress are distributed

Legislative Commissions of the Guatemalan Congress are distributed

At this Wednesday’s session, the Governing Body distributed the 38 working tables of the ninth legislature, and Vamos secured the chairmanship of four of greater economic and political interest, including public finance and currency, which are crucial for approving without much work the annual budget, the greatest in history.

The redistribution included 11 for the National Unity of Hope, three for the Unión del Cambio Nacional and two for the National Convergence Front (FCN-Nación), Valor and Vision with Values, respectively historic companions in the vote.

That way, the ruling party could continue to control the parliamentary agenda in its fourth year at the helm of the legislature, first with Allan Rodríguez and now with Shirley Rivera after being re-elected last October, analysts recalled.

Meanwhile, groups that formed strong opposition in 2022, such as the Movement for Peoples’ Liberation, Winaq, the Seed Movement and the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity, received less prominent commissions.

In the first ordinary session of the 2023-2024 period, in the first debate, MEPs analyzed initiative 6161, which proposes reforms of Decree 94-96, General Law on Telecommunications.

Likewise, Proposal 5956, which would propose legislation on the State’s Foreign Service, was forwarded to the third debate.

Another item on the agenda, the election of judges for the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, could not proceed due to a lack of a quorum, as has been the case for the past two years.

Tomorrow there are several questions to the Ministers of State, but they could suffer the same fate.