Legislative 2022, live: For Jean  François Copé it is “madness” to see Emmanuel Macron in Kyiv with a “hyperthreatening extreme left” in France

Legislative 2022, live: For Jean François Copé it is “madness” to see Emmanuel Macron in Kyiv with a “hyperthreatening extreme left” in France

“Jean-Luc Mélenchon never prime minister, first myth, always,” launches Sébastien Chenu

The speaker of the Rallye National (RN) was a guest of “4 Truths” on France 2 this morning. Sébastien Chenu, MEP for Pas-de-Calais and candidate for re-election, particularly responded to the words of Emmanuel Macron from the tarmac of a military base back in Romania. “When we see him on the runway talking about French politics, he’s deviating from a Republican rule, which means we do our laundry with family and not talk about political politics in a foreign country. It’s totally out of place. We don’t talk about domestic politics in a foreign country,” he reiterated.

Mr. Chenu was then asked if the head of state’s trip to Ukraine was a way to turn himself to his advantage during this legislative campaign. “It’s more the interests of the nation that are at stake,” the far-right MP replied. Incidentally, Emmanuel Macron did not want an election campaign, he turned off the election campaign. There was no substantive debate and as a result there were many abstentions. »

When asked if the RN could win more than a hundred deputies in the National Assembly, the deputy replied: “Yes, it is possible and desirable. The reality is that the RN is the first party and the first opposition party. We increase our score. We’ve gone from 13 percent to 19 percent, Emmanuel Macron has fallen, and the left has remained stable in numbers. »

He also sharply criticized the leader of Nupes: “Jean-Luc Mélenchon cannot become prime minister. Saying that kind of mythomania that he can become prime minister is now a grotesque fable. He’s the last to believe it, he said. Jean-Luc Mélenchon prime minister, never, Jean-Luc Mélenchon first myth, always. He will not become prime minister. Choosing nupes, by definition, no longer makes sense. »

For Mr. Chenu, the RN can be “the surprise of the second round.” “We sent two hundred candidates to the second round, so potentially elected two hundred to the National Assembly. If we arrive in the National Assembly with a powerful group, we will be able to face Emmanuel Macron because we will block him in a certain number of debates, especially if he does not have an absolute majority, as he seems to have started pointing out. If you have a group, you can make suggestions (…). We’re going to put the 5.5% VAT on energy and we’ll see who votes for it and [on] will also offer 0% VAT on basic needs. »

The RN spokesman was also asked why the President’s majority put RN and Nupes back to back. “The reality is that there is a threat from the far left in the country. Melenchon [est le] Magnifying mirror by Emmanuel Macron (…). It’s difficult to be an opponent when you’ve elected Emmanuel Macron,” he said.

Referring to the heavy abstention, the candidate for his re-election to the National Assembly called the youngest to the polls: “If we are not there, if there is no RN deputy and there are far-left deputies, we will eat Emmanuel for five years Macron’s entire program in its entirety. »