Legault completes its campaign in Estrie

Legault completes its campaign in Estrie |

(Montreal) After a morning visit to Montreal’s Maurice-Richard, François Legault ends his 36-day campaign on Sunday with three trips to the Eastern Townships, where close fighting is expected.

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Tommy Chouinard

Tommy Chouinard La Press

The CAQ leader left to help his nominee Audrey Murray, who according to observers, as she herself points out, has Quebec Solidaire’s Haroun Bouazzi, deputy vice president of the Development Bank of Canada, as her main opponent. For the past four years, Ms. Murray has been Chair of the Labor Market Partners Commission – an organization that brings together representatives of employers, workers and government agencies, among others.

Audrey Murray acknowledges voters are challenging her over Jean Boulet’s immigrant-related mistakes, but she believes “the overall vibe on the ground is very positive”.

“People ask questions about immigration and I can, knowing Mr Boulet well, put it in context and talk about what we’ve been doing over the last few years because I’ve been involved in public immigration policy myself. Mr Boulet has done a lot for immigration. My colleague apologized. People ask me about it, but at this point people are listening and they’ve heard that he apologized. »

The liberal camp weathered a storm in Mauriche-Richard when leader Dominique Anglade expelled MP Marie Montpetit from the caucus over allegations of psychological harassment. In 2018, Ms. Montpetit received a narrow majority of 530 votes. Johnatan Marleau, ex-leader of the party’s youth wing, is trying to keep this in the liberal herd; it appeared in Gouin four years ago.

François Legault is now heading for Estrie. He goes to Orford, a horse farm his party wrested from the Liberals in 2018. The Liberal Party seeks revenge by backing former Magog Mayor Vicki-May Hamm. Dominique Anglade visited this constituency several times during the campaign.

In Sherbrooke, François Legault supports his strong candidate Caroline Saint-Hilaire, previously Mayor of Longueuil and Bloc member, then panelist on the show La joute de LCN. She is attempting to win the riding won by Quebec solidaire’s Christine Labrie in 2018.

Finally, the very last stop of the chief director at Compton will be in Saint-François. Québec Solidaire is on the offensive in this race, where Dr. Mélissa Généreux, former Director of Public Health in Estrie and Professor at Sherbrooke University School of Medicine. The outgoing MEP, Caquiste Geneviève Hébert, won a comfortable majority of 4,450 votes in 2018.