War in Ukraine Moscow sanctions Francois Legault

Legault calls for a vote: “Starting December, we’ll send you a check for $400-$600”

Two days before the election, François Legault focuses his call to vote on sending checks to Quebecers from December.

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In a short video posted to social media on Saturday, the outgoing prime minister urges voters to trust him for another four years.

“I have a team ready to serve you, I want to serve you, and if we’re re-elected, we’ll send you a check for $400-$600 starting December, and the elderly will get an additional $2,000.” Dollar. We’re also going to cut taxes, so you can count on me, but I’m counting on you on Monday,” he said.

In the evening while riding Labelle, with the Laurentians, he hammered in his message.

“In the short term there is inflation, you see it in the grocery store, petrol, we have to help people concretely and on time,” he argued in front of the hundred people gathered at the Le Lièvre microbrewery in Mont-Laurier.

“There’s going to be a check that’s going to be mailed out starting December for $400-$600, and for the seniors 70 and older, there’s an extra $2,000 because the seniors have small pensions and don’t have the opportunity to get a raise.”