LeBron James reinforces his stance on Shannon Sharpe Sports

LeBron James reinforces his stance on Shannon Sharpe – Sports Illustrated

After Fox analyst Shannon Sharpe got into an altercation with Grizzlies wing Dillon Brooks, Tee Morant (Ja Morant’s father) and Grizzlies center Steven Adams Friday night, Lakers star LeBron defended James Sharpe in the post-game press conference.

“I ride with Shannon 365 days – 366 in a leap year – 24 hours a day. So that’s my type,” James said. “I always had his back. And he has mine. He sure can talk to the best of them.”

On Saturday afternoon, James doubled down on his defense of Sharpe with a post on Instagram.

James posted a picture of a visibly angry Sharpe on Friday night with the caption, “If ‘I wish a muthaf— would’ be a person. MOOD. Unk VIBES!”

The dispute in court began when Sharpe molested Brooks and his ability to guard James. The heckling got personal for Brooks, who was seen from across the pitch arguing with Sharpe as he left the pitch and headed into half-time.

The incident escalated when Adams came on Brooks’ defense and Sharpe approached on the sidelines. It wasn’t long before Sharpe was yelling at Adams and Tee Morant. Multiple parties participated in separating Sharpe, Morant, Adams and others, including arena security, assistant coaches and other players.

Brooks called Sharpe a “regular pedestrian” after the game and argued that Sharpe shouldn’t be back in the arena after the incident.