Leaving description aside Heraldo Pereira showed his love

Leaving description aside, Heraldo Pereira showed his love

Heraldo Pereira showed his partner who has been by his side for more than three decades

journalist Heraldo Pereira can often be seen on Globo’s screen, as the professional has already commanded a wide variety of TV news on the station, including the “Jornal Nacional” in the absence of William Bonner. Fairly cautious and discreet, the communicator keeps his private life out of the limelight, but a curious fact has caught the public’s attention in recent months.

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The journalist gave a rare interview and revealed who he is married to and revealed other intimacies of his personal life. Heraldo Pereira has been married to Cecília Maia, also a journalist, for over three decades. The relationship produced two daughters, Mayara and Isadora, neither of whom followed their famous father’s career and were educated in different fields.

Heraldo Pereira and his wife Cecília Maia (Photo: Disclosure)Heraldo Pereira and his wife Cecília Maia (Photo: Disclosure)

Journalist Heraldo Pereira, alongside his wife Cecília Maia, also spoke about the fact that he is rather discreet and has no social networks: “TV is a lot of work, I don’t have time, I would like a little more time, I belong to legal research groups at UnB , I have a master’s degree in law, I would like to have more time to study, to do nothing,” said the communicator. In another excerpt, the current Globo contract partner talks about what he likes to do with his partner in his free time: “I like to read, like to play ball. The work challenges me and I’m also a reserved person, I’m very shy”, admitted the Global Anchor.

“I come from a time when it was said: ‘Journalists are not news, what matters is information’. I was very well educated in that,” said Eraldo Pereira, explaining his way of working at TV Globo.

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Heraldo Pereira usually replaces William Bonner in Jornal Nacional (Photo: Reproduction)Heraldo Pereira usually replaces William Bonner in Jornal Nacional (Photo: Reproduction)

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