Leave the car to the mechanic and he’ll give it back to her like this: tragedy for the supercar owner [Video]    Mondofuoristrada.it    ​​​​​​Off  road world

Leave the car to the mechanic and he’ll give it back to her like this: tragedy for the supercar owner [Video] Mondofuoristrada.it ​​​​​​Off road world

Imagine taking your car to the mechanic only to get it back worse than before: how would you react and how do you think that person will have reacted? Despite a job well done, he is worse off.

Fixing a car isn’t easy, which is why it’s not a good idea to do it yourself, there are tens of thousands of mechanics in your city who could do it for a modest price. Just make sure you hire a real professional and not someone who will give you the car back worse reduced than before as happened in this case, documented by a frightening video. The madness has not gone unnoticed. Canva Accident 18_1_2023 MondoFuoristradaA terrible catastrophe (MondoFuoristrada.it)

Failed repairs

What was the most amount you have ever spent at a mechanic? We are convinced of that pay for the car how new is not the answer many of you give to this question and yet it really happened to one unfortunate owner. The absurd story sees as the protagonist a powerful and famous sports car that someone had taken to his trusted professional for repairs not better specified.

The story, which has been confirmed by several tabloids, refers to a video recorded by another driver who documented the mechanic’s insane act, for which there may be a logical explanation – we’re struggling to find one – that led to the disaster and will surely cost him many customers. First, let’s see which car was the chosen victim of this absurd and unfortunate episode.

Supra Web Source 18_1_2023 Mondo FuoristradaToyota Supra, an unforgettable racing car (MondoFuoristrada.it )

history of Japan

The car you’re about to see in the video and photos witnessing the crime is one Toyota Supra from the fourth series, the happiest generation of the famous car built in Japan, protagonist of movies, TV series, anime, video games and in general all the traditional media of the nineties. But what made this somewhat anonymous-looking car so famous?

Despite appearances, the Supra is not the classic Japanese sports car, but a real monster for which it was born let the tuning run free more unbridled: the model launched in 1993 has in fact a great versatility and its worst editions, with the necessary modifications and the classic supercharger, manage to supersede a 0-100 worthy of the most famous supercars in the world.

He didn’t have to drive it

A car of this type, an all-red fourth-generation example with striking black alloy wheels, was the protagonist of the crime that took place in Colorado, United States taken by a driver: A mechanic would have received the car from the customer who asked for some routine checks. A dead oil pan, or maybe a spare horn or something. Railway Web Source 18_1_2023 Mondo FuoristradaRepairs ended badly (MondoFuoristrada.it)

During a test drive z test car However, the mechanic apparently got a little rattled and accelerated to the maximum until – thanks to the sub-optimal tarmac and climate – the car literally took off and veered off the road violently near a train station, where it ended its enormous run .

Result of the “stunt”, the car is reduced worse than when arrived at the workshop it had practically disintegrated since hitting a fortunately unmanned freight train. Think of the customer’s face when they find it in these terrible conditions: the story may make you smile, but it reminds us to pay special attention to the people we entrust our car to. The consequences could be these or worse.