Learn how a cup of coffee can sabotage your interview

Learn how a cup of coffee can sabotage your interview

The interview is one of the most tense moments for anyone going through a selection process. Even if you’re prepared and confident that the vacancy is yours, recruiters have a simple technique that can sabotage your admission and eliminate the possibility of hiring.

In an interview with The Venture podcast, tech CEO of major Australian companies Trent Innes revealed he employs an unusual (and simple!) method that tends to be decisive in interviewee attitudes. “You can develop skills, you can gain knowledge and experience, but it all comes down to attitude,” he told the show.

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The recruiter says he uses the coffee cup technique, which can be crucial in an interview iStock

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Trent Innes shared the tech in an interview with the businessfocused podcast fauxels/Pexels/Reproduction

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According to him, the candidate’s recruitment, although simple, is placed under the reproduction/freepik rating

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Upon meeting the interviewee, he is led into the kitchen of the Freepik/reproduction office

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Learn what this technique is all about and how it can sabotage your chances of getting a jobLuis Alvarez/Getty


Innes said he has a habit of taking the interviewee for a tour of the office kitchen as soon as he introduces himself. “Somehow the candidate always ends up walking away with a drink, water, tea or mostly a cup of coffee,” he explains.

“We’ve just had our interview. At the end, one of the things I always look for is: does the interviewee want to take that empty cup back to the kitchen?” he asks.

While this “test” isn’t part of the interview itself, it helps screen out those who may not fit the company culture.

“What I wanted to find out was that no matter what role someone is going to take on, the simplest task is still important to get it done,” he said.

man at the interviewIn addition to the coffee, the way the company’s potential future candidate treats other employees is also crucial to whether they get the job or not.

good treatment

The recruiter also shared on the Reddit forum that there have been instances where an interviewee has been rejected before the interview has even started. “Today, a candidate blew their chance within five minutes of entering the building,” he said.

“He was dismissive of the receptionist. She greeted him and he barely made eye contact,” Trent explained.

As he said in the report, the interviewee did not fit the organizational culture profile that the company was preaching.

“Based on the interaction with the receptionist, the hiring manager felt he was not a good fit for the company. Be friendly to everyone in the building,” he advised.