Leao Butrón’s tip against ‘Paco’ Bazán: ‘He was urinating out of fear’

Leao Butrón’s tip against ‘Paco’ Bazán: ‘He was urinating out of fear’

Leao Butrons tip against Paco Bazan He was urinating out

A few days earlier, “Paco” Bazan had harsh comments against it Leao Butron, which caused a great controversy on social networks. However, the former Alianza Lima goalkeeper did not remain silent, posting a message via his Twitter account that many users interpreted as a nod to the present-day TV presenter.

“Glove raffle for anyone who can guess who it is… he ran in a classic because he was peeing from fear, in the U-23 team they beat him in training and he left crying, he’s had in his career Worn gloves, but he never had hands. It’s growing day by day, slimier today than yesterday, but I assure you, tomorrow will be slimier than today. Last but not least, they were bad as footballers,” he wrote.

Publication by Leao Butrón. Photo: Twitter Capture/Leao Butrón

Shortly thereafter, Butrón deleted this publication and has not yet commented on the subject. We’ll see if both characters come out in the coming days to clarify this situation.

What did “Paco” Bazán say to Leao Butrón?

In his TV room “El Deportivo”, “Paco” Bazan attacked Leao Butron while commenting on a conversation between Julinho and Gonzalo Núñez on the digital show “A Pressure”.

“I want to send Leao a message. The truth is I’ll stretch out my hand. It happens that Mr. Butrón and this humble servant share a great friend who is Mr. José Cáceres. So I have a ‘minimum’ in life that unfortunately my friends’ friends are friends.” “So, despite the fact that Mr. Butrón has the IQ of a tree, he’s already my friend because he’s my friend’s friend” , he said.