Leandro’s daughter shows her baby traveling by plane for the first time

Leandro’s daughter shows her baby traveling by plane for the first time

Lyandra Costa, daughter of compatriot Leandro, poses with her baby on a plane trip

The doctor Lyandra Costadaughter of the singer Leandroduo off LeonardoShe is happy to share a very special moment with her baby with family fans. She is the first time mother of a beautiful little boy. Little José was born in June of this year and recently completed two months of pure cuteness.

The little one is the result of Lyandra’s relationship with Lucas Santos, to whom she is engaged. On social media, the mother shares many motherhood experiences with her followers. This includes, of course, fun moments and more challenging ones.

Last week she attended an important congress of dermatology. The event took place in the city of São Paulo and therefore Lyandra had to travel to the capital, São Paulo. José’s maiden flight was captured with many photos shared by the proud mom with her followers.

On the plane she poses with the little one in her arms in the armchair. The boy wears red overalls and is covered with two blankets. He doesn’t care too much about what’s going on and sleeps on mom’s lap. “We came to the Brazilian Congress of Dermatology. Time for a professional update for you guys,” she wrote.

the singer’s daughter Leandro He also announced that he plans to return to work soon. “I want to come back again soon to this service I love!!! For those who don’t know, I’m finishing my medical postgraduate degree in dermatology but am currently on maternity leave. I am preparing to return as soon as possible!! I love being a doctor and I miss you so much!” she explained.

Lyandra is the only female child of the late compatriot. In addition to her, he fathered three other children. The doctor emerged from the marriage of the artist with the former model Andrea Motawho was the second wife of Leandro. José’s mother had little contact with her father, who left her when she was a baby in 1998.

Little José, grandson of compatriot Leandro, travels by plane with his mother

Reproduction Instagram Little José, grandson of compatriot Leandro, on his 1st flight with his mother

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