League 1 on hold due to TV rights tender

League 1 on hold due to TV rights tender

League 1 on hold due to TV rights tender

That Peruvian Football Federation and its President, Agustín Lozano, are under renewed scrutiny. The reason this time is the bidding process initiated by the FPF to sell the League 1 television rights owned by GolPerú (Peru Football Consortium).

From Monday, August 8th to today, August 10th (midday Chilean time, the country where the trial will take place unexpectedly), the highest governing body of national football will receive offers from various television channels including DirecTV Sports, Star+, TNT sports and Gold Peru. The FPF Television Rights Commission will review the proposals and decide which company will broadcast our first division starting next year.

However, this procedure raises a number of legal problems. “It will be the end of Peruvian football,” former Congressman Alberto Beingolea said a few days ago. What’s happening? Initially, the tender will take place in Santiago de Chile and will be carried out by a southern corporate holding called Grupo Prisma.

TNT Sports could broadcast League 1 in 2023. Photo: League 1

According to the professional football sport federation, the FPF would carry out the procedure in the Chilean capital “for lack of powers, duly registered by the president of the federation and its board” in order “to evade the conditions required by an agreement of this type in Peru.

The association argues differently. Its board is recognized by FIFA and ratified by TAS, and its registration “is in process before SUNARP for the purpose of publicizing the registration and not just obtaining its legal validity,” according to a statement released yesterday by the FPF.

Then of course the participating clubs and GolPerú itself will be most affected. Although the vast majority of League 1 teams (Alianza Lima, Vallejo, Cienciano, Sport Huancayo, Cristal, Binacional, Alianza Atlético, UTC, Melgar, Ayacucho FC and Cantolao) sign their deal with said broadcaster at the end of this year, another seven are looking forward great uncertainty about the future. Mannucci will end their relationship in 2023, Universitario, Boys and Municipal in 2025 and Atlético Grau, Stein and ADT, who have no contract with GolPerú, will have to wait for the outcome of this soap opera. And now?

Clubs speak out

Alianza, Cienciano and the “U” issued a statement warning of the consequences of the trial.