1672661905 League 1 goals of the southern teams for the year

League 1: goals of the southern teams for the year 2023

League 1 goals of the southern teams for the year

The goals of the professional clubs in the south for this year 2023 are clear. FBC Melgar, Cienciano and Deportivo Binacional will have to struggle in League 1 and international tournaments, while Cusco FC will have to assert their status as League 2 champions and Deportivo Garcilaso will have to break the tradition of Copa Peru champions winning the professional category in their first year loses upon receipt.

FBC Melgar will have the privilege of playing again in the Copa Libertadores de America. The Peruvian runner-up started his pre-season on December 12th. He has signed five players, two of whom are Argentines. To compete this year, he is awaiting the nationalization of Bernardo Cuesta and Christian Bordacahar. The goal is to advance to the next stage of the continental tournament and become a national champion adding their third star.

In 2022 Cienciano retired early from the Copa Sudamericana. This year his aim is to advance in the tournament, but to do so he will have to beat Universitario in the only game to be played in Lima on March 8th. In addition, he will try to improve on the seventh place he won in League 1 in his quest for the Copa Libertadores. It was the first club to start the pre-season on December 10 in Bolivia.

Deportivo Binacional finished eighth in League 1, which is why they will play the Copa Sudamericana as they have to be eliminated in a game in Trujillo against UCVallejo on March 9th. It will be his second international appearance after a resounding failure in 2020. Libertadores’ preseason begins today.

Cusco FC returned to the professional division as League 2 champions. After being relegated in 2021, the goal is clear to be in the front places and qualify for an international tournament. The gold team is looking for a sports venue where they can practice their locality. It is announced that it will register at the Tupac Amaru de Sicuani Stadium. The pre-season started on December 15th.

In the last decade, statistics have shown that the Peru Cup champion teams move up to the professional category in their first year of competition and, at best, save it by always finding themselves in the last places. Deportivo Garcilaso’s goal is to have a good season and, if possible, to get an international placement. His preseason began on December 22nd.

Football fans’ eyes this year will be on the football practiced in the south and the results of the competition, especially with the teams from Lima. There will be a lot of expectations.❖