League 1 Could Alianza Lima and Universitario be relegated if

League 1: Could Alianza Lima and Universitario be relegated if they don’t compete this weekend?

After the confirmation of the start of the 1st division, the “compadres” and 6 other clubs did not show up for their games due to problems with the broadcasting rights. Are they threatening to go under?

Last Wednesday, February 1st, it was reported that League 1 will resume this weekend with date 3 of the inaugural tournament 2023, although it was initially mentioned that it would be definitively suspended due to the social situation in the country The government headquarters approved, that the local tournament will be played, albeit behind closed doors.

Hours later, however, Alianza Lima, Universitario and the other 6 clubs that announced they would not play in La Liga would have reconfirmed their position. So he made it known Caesar Torresa member of the blue and white fund who said clearly that neither the blue and whites nor the others involved will show up.

In this way, only 1 of the 9 planned games could be played: Alianza Atlético vs. UCV. The other 8 duels including Alianza Lima vs. Sporting Cristal would not be played and the teams not showing up on the field would lose by bye. Given this situation, fans are wondering if their teams could be relegated. It is possible?


Would Alianza and Universitario fall?

According to the regulations of the Peruvian Championship of 2022, if Alianza Lima, University or another club does not show up for the game, a bye would be declared and a score of 3-0 vs; Also, he could play the following date. However, if they don’t show up for a second game, the team automatically loses the category.

“If a club fails to meet the schedule by failing to play on two dates, be they consecutive or alternating, they will be automatically relegated to the immediately lower category, lose their remaining games and the corresponding points by walkover (WO) and awarded itself a score of three (3) to zero (0) in favor of its rivals,” the document said.


Alianza and Universitario would not play in Liga 1 for 3 years

The relegation would not be the only penalty of Alianza Lima, University and the other 6 clubs. Article 117 states that a team that is relegated via walkover cannot return to League 1 for the next 3 years. That means just clean 2027 You could play in the highest category.

“The club that loses the category will be barred from returning to Liga1 for the next three (3) years. His return to Liga1 is also subject to the prior payment of outstanding fines, compliance with the sanctions imposed, as well as the recovery of the right to promotion by the FPF, in accordance with the regulations in force in this regard,” the document reads.