LCDLF2 Laura Bozzo despised in the house of Zerboni

LCDLF2: Laura Bozzo despised in the house of Zerboni | VIDEO

Another week of controversy within the house of celebrities 2 in which the explanations and discussions between the members who are still in competition are the order of the day and when you add that among them there are very strong personalities who do not want to go unnoticed, things get better.

It is the case Salvador Zerboni and Laura Bozzowho staged a heated discussion in the kitchen a few days ago, after the first had taken charge of washing the dishes used by celebrities, but Laura approached and then Zerboni made punctual comments about the work that the Peruvian does in the house and that’s where the began dimes and directs.

From what can be seen in the video feed through social networksthe TV actor was washing the dishes and at that moment he approached laura telling him that it was something unusual because he was doing those tasks regularly and no one appreciated him.

zerboni In an annoyed tone, he replied that if Laura deserved not to be nominated for washing dishes, he would immediately turn his back on her and let her talk to herself.

The reaction of the Mexican nationalized attorney He didn’t wait and tried to draw attention to himself with rudeness and shouting zerboni to claim that it was not her intention to wash things just so that she would not be nominated, but on the contrary that she had been doing it for a long time because the others did not like doing this work.

What caught the eye view public that follows the reality of Telemundois that Laura went to Salvador to complain because she washed a cup, but in the end neither did it, one because he was very upset and the other just blamed him because he did has not done regularly, and the poor cup since it remained unwashed.

Among users of social networks, this attitude of both is only reflected pressure and little empathy That’s already being felt among the members of the house, especially after several weeks of competition, in which the intrigue and gossip between small groups outlines what will be the end of the reality show and where both Laura as Zerboni and specially Yvonne Montero, will be marked as possible winners of this season.


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