Lawyer speaks after Bia Miranda leaks intimate video

Lawyer speaks after Bia Miranda leaks intimate video

THE Runnerup from ‘A Fazenda 14’, Bia Miranda, found himself in a terrible situation after an intimate video was leaked and published on social networks. The young woman, only 18 years old, was still a minor when she took the pictures with her boyfriend Gabriel further aggravates the crime against Gretchen’s granddaughter. Rural Reality finalist’s lawyer Juliana Martins spoke to this column and revealed that Bia is scared and devastated by the whole situation.

According to Juliana, it is not yet known how this intimate video leaked. However, she emphasized that the team is already taking the appropriate legal steps to investigate the perpetrators. “Our concern is actually more with Bia herself. As much as she is of legal age these days, she remains a very young girl. So, this whole situation is scary, it breeds fear. Our custody is with her first so that we can open an investigation with the police authorities later and then take appropriate legal action. But yes, we will take action in relation to what happened,” the lawyer said.

Juliana Martins also pointed out that there are special laws to deal with this criminal practice. “Nowadays there are even police departments that specialize in this type of crime, because yes, it is a crime that, although not originally provided for in the penal code, there are more specific laws that already deal with this type of crime. The Carolina Dieckmann law was created precisely when the actress was faced with a similar situation. It looks closely at cases related to privacy violations, particularly those whose lives as artists and influencers are exposed,” he stressed.

Bia Miranda’s attorney said she was to keep the case as confidential as possible without involving third parties in order to protect the former victim, who only confided the situation to his closest contacts. “It’s all very traumatic, no matter how ‘light’ you try to take the situation, and even with all the emotional support from the consulting, production and legal departments, Bia’s entire support network is taking very good care of it,” stressed he.

Juliana Martins also regretted that many people still blame the victims of these crimes for the invasion and exposure of their lives. “Unfortunately, society still treats the situation with what we call ‘media judgement’, especially according to social networks, and tends to always put the ‘blame’ on women, which should never be placed on the victim,” Bia’s lawyer pointed out miranda

The professional even took the opportunity to leave something behind Advice so that the situation does not happen to other people, especially teenagers, and Bia Miranda on the occasion of the leaked video. “My advice as a lawyer is to really not trust this type of content on devices (phones, tablets, computers) because anything associated with it is subject to cybercrime, especially intruders,” she said, adding, “Look always looking for a person responsible, if a situation of this kind arises, so that these young people can be helped and the crime can be dealt with by the competent authorities, mainly for the identification of the criminal agent and for his punishment”.

Finally, Bia Miranda’s lawyer reiterated that the reproduction of this content is also considered a criminal offense. “People think that only those who break into a device and publish that video for the first time commit a crime, but duplication and distribution in itself is also a criminal practice. It is therefore extremely important that anyone in contact with this video does not reproduce it for networks or private groups, including via WhatsApp. Containing this type of content is really important so that we don’t spread this type of criminal practice,” he explained.