Law 101 at CEGEP: more necessary than ever!

Law 101 at CEGEP: more necessary than ever!

New data from the Office québécois de la langue française on the language behavior of 18-34 year olds shows us again the need to apply Bill 101 to the college network.

According to this new study, 82.3% of allophones who graduated from a French-speaking post-secondary institution use French most often in local businesses.

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Conversely, this proportion drops to 48.4% for those who have a diploma from a non-Francophone post-secondary institution.

In addition, “more than three-quarters (78.7%) of Francophones who had obtained a post-secondary diploma from a non-Francophone institution, regardless of where it was located, said that they used French most often in local companies, compared to 96.2% of those who graduated from a French-speaking institution”.

decline of French

This study once again confirms that English-speaking CEGEPs are contributing to the decline of French in Quebec, like those of Statistics Canada, which confirmed that “the language of instruction of the post-secondary institution where the final diploma was obtained turned out to be the main factor related to the predominant use of English in the workplace in Quebec”.

Gradually, English-language post-secondary institutions are replacing French as the common language in Quebec with English.

There is no doubt that the educational environment is an important place for the transmission of language and culture. It is therefore imperative that this environment is created in French in order to preserve this language.

A necessary gesture

It is therefore necessary that the Premier of Quebec, François Legault, defends the French language by doing what common sense advises us to do in such situations, namely to apply the French Language Charter to the university network before it is too late.

Cegep Garneau, Cegep back-to-school visit, Quebec, August 21, 2020. Photo PASCAL HUOT / JOURNAL DE QUEBEC / AGENCE QMI

Jessie Gareau, UQAT secondary student, substitute teacher, Mont-Laurier

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