Lavrov at the UN Humanity is at a crossroads to

Lavrov at the UN: “Humanity is at a crossroads to prevent a major war .”

Lavrov at the UN Humanity is at a crossroads to

“Today, as so often in the past, humanity is once again at a crossroads. It depends only on us how the story will develop. It is in our common interest to prevent slipping into such a situation big war and the final collapse of the mechanisms of international cooperation created by generations of predecessors.” This is the warning of the Moscow Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the 78th General Assembly of the United Nations, which takes place from Tuesday at the Glass Palace in New York. “The declared goal of inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Russia,” said Vladimir Putin’s right-hand man, was oneobsession which it totally has blinded in the eyes of irresponsible Western politicians” who have “lost an elementary sense of self-preservation.” A clear manifestation ofSelfishness of the Western minority have become compulsive attempts “Ukrainizethe agenda “We have had a number of international discussions, ignoring a whole series of unresolved regional crises, many of which have dragged on for years and even decades,” he stressed. Renewed rejection of the peace plan proposed by the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskywhich provides for the withdrawal of Moscow troops from all occupied territories, including Crimea: “The so-called peace formula of the Ukrainian president is absolutely unattainable and everyone knows it.

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Lavrov reiterated Putin’s definition of the West as “Empire of lies“: “Get used to watching top down “Unlike the rest of the world, Americans and Europeans often make promises, make commitments, including written and legally binding ones, and then simply fail to keep them,” he attacked. I invite UN member states to “read the founding charter of the organization” and “consider the principle of equal sovereignty of large and small countries as the United States believes.” better than everyone elseand the European Union thinks it is a blooming garden and everything else is a jungle.” He then criticized NATO’s military expansion Asia Pacific Regionachieved with the recent trilateral agreement between the USA, Japan And South Korea: “The blatant focus of these efforts on Russia and China poses the risk of a new explosive.” Hotbed of tension Geopolitics, in addition to the already heated ones in Europe,” he warned.

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The head of Moscow diplomacy asked “the Lifting of sanctions and desinhumane economic embargo” against Russia and called on the United States to abandon a “policy of economic asphyxiation” that is “used as weapons by Western powers,” also pointing to the sanctions imposed on Cuba and Syria. “Guidelines increasingly aggressive on the part of the West led to the fragmentation of many enemy blocks“who do not want to negotiate in order to make the rest of the world and the decision-making process fairer,” he emphasized. “Development must no longer depend on colonial powers,” he added, arguing that “developing countries are ready to negotiate in this regard.” A passage is also dedicated to the conflict in the Middle East: “It is impossible to fully normalize the situation in the Middle East without resolving the key issue, that is, without finding a solution to the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Basis of the Resolutions of the United Nations and the Arab Peace Initiative. For over seventy years the Palestinian people have been waiting to get their own state, which they were promised, but the Americans have done it monopolized They go through the mediation process and do everything they can to prevent something like this from happening.”