Laurentian Bank the longest outage since 2020

Laurentian Bank: the longest outage since 2020

Due to an outage that has been ongoing since Sunday morning, most Laurentian Bank customers still do not have access to the institution’s banking services.

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On Monday morning, Laurentian Bank confirmed that an outage had affected its banking services since Sunday morning.

“We are currently experiencing a service disruption due to an issue with routine updates [effectuée sur nos systèmes internes]. Most of our banking services are affected,” said Laurentian Bank spokesman Merick Seguin.

The bank assured that its technical teams were “actively” working to resolve the issue “as quickly as possible” and that customer data “remains secure.”

Many customers regretted on Wednesday morning that the situation had still not returned to normal.

“Do you have a [estimation de résolution] Regarding the issue, or should I look for another bank? It has been three days and there is no solution,” wrote a user on the social network X.

“We are not 100% operational yet. Online services are still not available,” the bank spokesman told the QMI agency on Wednesday morning.

According to Mr. Seguin, this would be the longest outage since 2020.

However, the bank stressed that while most banking services were affected, customers could still make purchases using their credit and debit cards.