Laura Pausini astronomical fine inevitable penalty after Eurovision Cinemalefica

Laura Pausini, astronomical fine: inevitable penalty after Eurovision Cinemalefica

Eurovision is now over and this edition was won by Ukraine. The country’s triumph was deserved and wanted by everyone, to be honest. Each of us is aware of the particularly complicated historical phase the nation is going through as a result of the conflict with Putin’s Russia. Achieving first place at the International Music Festival was a beautiful revenge and certainly a beautiful way of consoling the country by giving the citizens a little moment of joy after the trophy was brought home. In addition, everyone knows that the 2022 event was held in Italy, precisely in Turin, precisely because of Italy’s victory in the last edition. In fact, in 2021, the year that the singing competition was held in the Netherlands, more precisely in Rotterdam, our wonderful Maneskin triumphed. The group presented the song Zitti e Buoni, with which they had also won Sanremo 2021 for less than three months.After the triumph, the most famous rock band in Italy reached the first position of all music charts in our country.

This year, therefore, Eurovision was headed by local presenters and among them Laura Pausini, the tall and beautiful Italian singer known worldwide. In fact, the woman also often performs in other languages ​​such as English and Spanish and for this reason has managed to make herself known outside of our country. However, something went wrong with her on this occasion and now there is talk of a large fine. We will immediately explain what happened. Many noticed that during the program on the penultimate evening, Pausini uttered a curse that hit the audience of the important international event. “Holy cow”. Yes, that’s right, the singer exclaimed at the contest date.

Many made those two little words laugh, but it doesn’t seem the same for the production of Eurovision, which would have instead opted to have them pay an astronomical penalty. Despite this, it is not yet known for sure if the penalty was actually sent or if the authors would have chosen to overlook it, forgiving the indiscretion of the unfortunate Laura, who would have said those words without wanting to appear rude. How do you think the delicate situation should be resolved? Is it okay to shell out for such a mild reason as they were uttered with no intention of offending anyone?

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