Launch of Ubisoft’s Play to Learn program

Launch of Ubisoft’s Play to Learn program

Ubisoft today announced that it will be offering four educational video games for free as part of its new Play to Learn program.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft announces the launch of its Play to Learn program, a program that will allow cultural and educational institutions to access certain video games. Teachers, librarians and other education professionals can now access four games by registering on the program website.

The first games accessible from the launch of the program are Rabbids Coding!, Discovery Tour: Ancient Egypt, Valiant Hearts: The Great War and finally Anno 1602: History Edition. Rabbid’s Codding! is one of the possibilities, since it allows the youngest to learn the basics of programming in a simpler and fun way. The other three selected games allow players to delve into the heart of different important historical periods.

rabbid's coding

(Rabbids encoding!)

Journey of discovery through ancient Egypt

(Discovery Tour: Ancient Egypt)

brave hearts

(Brave Hearts: The Great War)

1663909287 801 Launch of Ubisofts Play to Learn program

(Anno 1602: history edition)

Ubisoft therefore offers cultural and educational institutions free access to a fine selection of PC games developed by Ubisoft with interactive educational content on history, geography, science and technology. Ubisoft also plans to expand the program’s game offerings in the future.

Video games are a dynamic and interactive way to help players develop skills and acquire knowledge,” explains Mickaël Newton, group leader of in-game sponsorships. “For example, we work with teachers who use Discovery Tour in the classroom to teach history. The Play-to-Learn program gives us the opportunity to go one step further and bring an engaging and innovative learning experience to a wider audience through our games.

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