1672709363 Latino shows result of face rejuvenation see photo igcombr

Latino shows result of face rejuvenation; see photo ig.com.br

Latino showing result of face rejuvenation


Latino showing result of face rejuvenation

After going viral on social media with a photo of the “result” of facial rejuvenation aesthetic procedures on his face, Latino revealed how he’s doing now that the swelling has gone down.

The singer used the bride’s profile, Raffa Rarbbie, to send a message to netizens who criticized him.

“Happy New Year my folks. Yesterday (12/31) we had to work and keep the Arraial D’Ajuda gang happy, so today actually starts my New Year’s Eve. I’m already feeling a little better, it’s deflated…” he said.

And he added: “For many who have criticized me, give a closeup of my appearance. So folks, let’s start 2023 differently, shall we?” he asked.

The bride even gushed about her lover. “Cat, keep the 2023 version,” she explained.

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