1653299780 Latest news from Ukraine Pro Russian Azovstal prisoners face trial

Latest news from Ukraine. Pro Russian Azovstal prisoners face trial


Morawiecki (Poland): Putin will not stop like Hitler

“Peace is our common goal, but it cannot be peace at any price. We cannot accept a dialogue that can be exploited by Putin, a dialogue over the heads of Ukrainians”. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, in an interview with ‘La Repubblica’, does not hide his doubts about the Italian proposal for peace talks in Ukraine. Every attempt, he says, has led to “humiliation.”

Putin in his opinion he will not stop, “just like Hitler did not stop in Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland” and “this time we can be wiser before Russia sets all of Europe on fire”. “Russia has been waging a silent hybrid war against Europe for some time, trying to destabilize the situation wherever it succeeds – says the Polish Prime Minister – and yet some European elites are trying to pretend nothing is happening to this day. This is the last chance to gain clarity. Because I have no doubt that without Ukraine’s heroic attitude today, the Kremlin would think of invading Warsaw, Tallinn, Vilnius and Helsinki. At that time, no European country could feel safe”.

The Fast Lane for Ukraine’s EU Accession? “We live in times in which we need historical decisions instead of bureaucratic meticulousness,” he hopes. Should Europe build a stronger common defense and a European army? “The answer can only be one: Yes. It has to be a strong European army, fully integrated into NATO structures,” he replies.

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Latest news from Ukraine Pro Russian Azovstal prisoners face trial

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (EPA / Marcin Obara POLAND OUT)