1674691839 Late for school punishment for parents who accompany children after

Late for school: punishment for parents who accompany children after school enrollment

In a school of United Kingdom In order to avoid delays for parents accompanying their children to school, a clever method has been developed: every 30 minutes, the guardians of the child accompanying the child to school have to pay 5 pounds. However, the headmaster stressed that the choice was the result of argumentation in favor of the children and the school’s staff.


Late for school punishment for parents who accompany children after

1674691830 443 Late for school punishment for parents who accompany children after

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What happened

The school has sent a warning to parents that they will be fined if they are late picking up their children: £5 for every 30 minutes late. The warning was sent by Woodbank Elementary School from to bury. A father of one pupil said: “We have received a message from the school advising us of a £5 charge if you are late picking up your child from school. They said the parents of the Children who go on holiday outside of the summer holidays will be fined».

He added: “We get fined for being late or going on holiday because it ‘disrupts’ education, but that’s fine when teachers go on strike, it suits him. I will send a fine to the school for interrupting my child’s education during the strike days».


The principal Kelly Macadam He said: “It is very important that parents and carers pick up their children on time at the end of the school day. Children who are not caught in time often become angry and desperate when they do not know where their parents are. In addition, employees must attend meetings, lead after-school clubs or do work, and sometimes leave school in time to organize their own child care services.

The headmaster added: “We We always consider exceptional circumstances like an emergency or stuck in traffic and we will provide a racquet ‘before and after school’ which parents can use in case of delay. If parents have any concerns about school policies, I encourage them to contact me directly.”