Lars von Trier has Parkinson’s disease but is working on a TV series   te

Lars von Trier has Parkinson’s disease but is working on a TV series te

The nominated filmmaker Oscar and winners of Cannes Palme d’Or Lars von Trier was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Who revealed the fact was the artist’s longtime producer Louise Westin a note revealed this Monday (via Deadline).

“In agreement with Lars von Trier, we would like to inform you that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease before the summer holidays,” the document says. The statement also guarantees that the filmmaker will continue to work on his new TV series The Kingdom Exodus, the third and final part of the reboot of his 1990s cult series The Kingdom, which is set to premiere in Venice at the end of August.

Trier is the most hyped and controversial contemporary Danish filmmaker. He was a trapped character in Canne for nearly 40 years, starring in nine films between 1984 and 2011. That year, while promoting melancholia, he claimed to be “a Nazi” and said he understood Hitler. The comments earned him a nearly tenyear festival ban. His return was in 2018, albeit out of competition.

The Kingdom is set in the neurosurgery department of a Copenhagen hospital, where patients and staff are subjected to sinister and supernatural situations. He ended up with several unanswered questions.

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