1674917485 LAria che Tira Parenzo Cardini Orbi Barrel Come Vauro You

L’Aria che Tira, Parenzo Cardini Orbi Barrel: “Come Vauro”, “You don’t know what you’re saying”

LAria che Tira Parenzo Cardini Orbi Barrel Come Vauro You

Clash of opposing factions over the war in Ukraine. On the January 27 episode of L’Aria che Tira, a program hosted by Myrta Merlino, David Parenzo, speaking on the conflict between Kyiv and Russia, sinks the blow against historian Franco Cardini, present in connection with the same program was: “It is interesting to see how Vauro, who comes from the extreme left, and Professor Cardini, an extraordinarily reactionary historian, through a wonderful heterogeneity of objectives, starting from different positions, both come to say that America bad is that Volodymyr Zelensky is bad and so on basically right and wrong are not on the same page. It’s interesting how the two anti-American cultures reunite.”

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The journalist’s speech annoys Cardini, who immediately replies: “When you say I am a reactionary historian, to which of my works are you referring? Tell me one you’ve read. She doesn’t know what she’s saying, forget it! You know nothing about me, I’ve never sensationally praised the Crusades, people like you have been calling me pro-Muslim for months and years. But do me a favor…”.