Lance Strolls cars in pictures

Lance Stroll’s cars in pictures

Lance Stroll and Aston Martin presented the AMR23 at Silverstone on Monday. With this single-seater, the English marque’s third since its return to Formula 1, the team hopes to take another step towards world championship titles.

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This will be Stroll’s seventh car since debuting in motorsport’s premier class. Here is an overview of all the race cars he has driven so far.

Williams FW40

In his very first F1 campaign, Stroll joined Williams when the team was in the midst of a downward spiral. Over the past three years, the Grove team’s performance has declined, falling from 320 points in 2014 to 257 the following year and then to 138 in 2016.

After a difficult start, which was characterized by three retirements in a row, Stroll scored his first points at the Canadian Grand Prix with a ninth place. From the following race he climbed to the third step of the podium in Baku.

Stroll ended the season in 12th place with 40 points, just three fewer than veteran Felipe Massa, Vice World Champion in 2008.

Williams FW41

Relegation accelerated for Williams in 2018 with a meager seven points, including six for Stroll. This time he teamed up with Russian Sergey Sirotkin, who was contesting his first – and last – season in Formula One. The latter was limited to a small point.

Stroll’s season was largely marked by his father, billionaire Lawrence Stroll’s takeover of Team Force India. The team, renamed Racing Point, dropped Frenchman Esteban Ocon at the end of the season to make room for Lance.

Racing Point RP19

With his new team and his pink car, Stroll started the 2019 season successfully with a ninth place finish in Australia.

As the team entered a period of change, particularly with the commitment to build a new state-of-the-art factory, Stroll achieved his best result of the season with a fourth place finish in Germany. He still fell 31 points behind teammate Sergio Perez. He finished 15th in the drivers’ standings.

Racing Point RP20

In 2020, Racing Point took a lot of inspiration from the 2019 champion-winning Mercedes car. Despite the criticism – and a fine for brake shovels bought illegally from Mercedes – the strategy worked out with 195 points for the manufacturers.

While this is arguably Stroll’s best season yet – two podiums, 75 points and 11th overall – he again paled in comparison to Perez, who is fourth on 125 points.

Aston Martin AMR21

Lawrence Stroll didn’t just buy an F1 team. He also bought Aston Martin. The merger of the two entities was therefore inevitable in 2021. But the results were not as expected.

With four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel as his team-mate, Stroll looked good this time, conceding just nine points against the German in the final standings. His sixth place in Qatar was his best result.

Aston Martin AMR22

The 2022 season was one of the changes with a complete overhaul of the technical regulations. Cars were bigger and heavier, and some drivers had more trouble adjusting. Such is the case of Stroll. So it took him 17 races to get past 10th place.

Aston Martin certainly didn’t help with a poorly born car, while Vettel also struggled to string together good results. Good developments saw both drivers do better at the end of the season, but the team finished seventh with 55 points, two-thirds of which were collected by Vettel.

Aston Martin AMR23

Hoping to learn from last year’s mistakes, Aston Martin is looking to make big strides this year. The arrival of Fernando Alonso to replace Vettel will certainly be an additional motivating factor.