Lake Constance level just above the historic downtown

Lake Constance level just above the historic downtown

The constant drought causes the level of Lake Constance to fall further and further. On Friday, the measurement in Bregenz showed a level of 313 centimeters, which was the third lowest value ever measured on August 12 (measurement series since 1864): 2003 – in the “summer of the century” – the level of Bregenz was 302 centimeters, 1949 at 303 centimeters. According to the state’s water resources management department, the trend of water scarcity became more noticeable from the 2000s onwards.

The water level in Lake Constance was also low in 2005, 2006 and 2018. In 2003, on August 27, it dropped to 283 centimeters. The current level is usually the level reached at the end of October. The long-term average of Lake Constance’s level on August 12 was 406 centimeters – 93 centimeters above the current level. It takes 5.4 million cubic meters of water for Lake Constance to rise just one centimeter.

No big restrictions on shipping yet

However, the current water level has not yet led to major restrictions. The Bodenseeschifffahrt in Vorarlberg and Germany can continue operating its lines without problems for the time being, on the Swiss bank the trip to the Rheineck of the Alter Rhein was already interrupted on 19 July. The Swiss shipping company Untersee und Rhein AG (URh) operates according to the low tide schedule.

For the vast majority of Vorarlberg’s leisure captains, it was still possible to practice their hobby. On the western shore of the lake, however, several boats had to be dragged. (apa)