Lac-Saint-Charles Murder: The BEI’s investigation is closed

Lac-Saint-Charles Murder: The BEI’s investigation is closed

The Bureau of Independent Investigations (BEI) has finalized its report on the events surrounding the death of Jacques Côté, which occurred on April 6, 2022 on Thibodeau street in Lac-Saint-Charles.

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The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) will decide whether to press charges against the police officers involved in light of this report.

Recall that Jacques Côté, 65, was attacked in the middle of the street by a young man in a crisis in front of several neighbors. Two days earlier, the suspect, Kim Leblel, 30, was met by police for an examination after a call from his parents.

On the day of the tragedy, a judge ordered Kim Lebel to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and have Quebec police attend him during the day.

BEI’s report will not be made public as it contains sensitive information.

The victim’s son is eager for answers.

“I have so many questions in my head. I have questions. I don’t have them handy (the answers) yet, but it’s getting closer. It’s a way for me to make peace with that at some point,” said Simon Côté.

Kim Lebel is charged with second-degree murder. His parents intend to sue the Quebec City Police Department.

“We are convinced that there was a mistake and we will take legal action against the Quebec police over the coming months for a mistake made in not quickly executing the judgment, which was made at noon today. At 4 p.m. still nothing had been done and that’s when the tragedy happened,” said lawyer Marc Bellemare.

However, whether there was criminal fault on the part of the police, the lawyer leaves to the DPCP to make this decision.

“I hope that the BEI has addressed this issue and that it will be the Director of Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement who will assess the advisability of filing criminal charges against anyone. »

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