Labiofam Cienfuegos sustainable growth and new challenges

Labiofam Cienfuegos: sustainable growth and new challenges

Labiofam Cienfuegos: sustainable growth and new challenges

Progress in the booster vaccination against Covid 19 in Cienfuegos listen to the note

The economy of the Biopharmaceutical Laboratories Company (Labiofam) in Cienfuegos grew by more than 20 million pesos in 2022, a result almost 25 percent higher than what was achieved in the previous phase, said Andrés Molina Soto, general manager of the company.

“The upward trend has continued for several years and we can rate the recent performance as positive over 107 percent based on the fulfillment of all economic indicators with an emphasis on earnings,” he commented.

However, the report presented at the annual accounts meeting of this company revealed difficulties in sourcing raw materials and inputs, which led to non-compliance in the manufacture of high-demand ranges such as Vidatox and the Alivihos range, mainly due to the packaging deficit. .

“This adverse reality forced us to think about other productions. Almost twenty come from research, innovation and development, particularly in the field of veterinary natural and homeopathic products, which are currently in the approval process by the regulatory authorities,” said Molina Soto.

For the current year, Labiofam Cienfuegos foresees the consolidation of the financial system and the development of about five projects aimed at improving the technological level of its productive enclaves. Already at the facility it manages in the mountain community of Cumanayagua, they are taking steps to launch four new lines through links with economic players in the country.

In addition, they propose the purchase of raw materials and supplies, with coverage three months in advance, which will allow them to manage other facilities for their industrial dynamics.

A leader among companies of its kind in Cuba, Labiofam Cienfuegos,” said Reinaldo Gómez Alonso, Director of Business and Operations, will ship more than 60 tons of its various ranges to markets such as China, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Mozambique, Mexico and Bolivia in the first half of the year .

By: Roberto Alfonso Lara / September 5 Digital

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