La Voix is ​​criticized for a specific point after its premiere – Vedette Québec

La Voix is ​​criticized for a specific point after its premiere – Vedette Québec

After a two-year hiatus, the music show La Voix returned to TVA this Sunday.

The show’s premiere drew a lot of reactions for a number of reasons, most notably regarding the changes in the show’s production as well as the announcement of a fifth coach.

However, many viewers have also criticized the La Voix coaches for not picking older candidates.

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As La Presse’s Hugo Dumas reported in his column Monday morning, only one older contestant was selected in the first episode of the blind auditions. This is Dominique Godin, 50, picked by Marjo, who was the only one to turn around.

Unfortunately, France Lacombe, 58, who performed Ginette Reno’s “When We Give Yourself” and Rémy Langlois, 50, who sang “Que je t’aime” by Johnny Hallyday, did not return the coaches’ seats.

Here’s what Hugo Dumas specifically mentions about this apparent tendency for coaches to favor younger voices:

“The pop music industry thrives on young people, that’s not a reproach, that’s a statement. Proofs ? With the exception of Geneviève Jodoin, who won La Voix at 41, the seven other winners of the TVA competition were all under 27 years old. And the coaches know that and hesitate to turn back when they hear, say, a more mature range. »

Many La Voix viewers therefore find it a pity that older candidates are less selected by coaches.

In any case, we are curious to see whether the trend will continue in the next episodes of the Blind Auditions!

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Source: Hugo Dumas – La Presse