“La Pupuchurra” humorously replied on behalf of Clara Chía: “Have dignity ma’am”

“La Pupuchurra” humorously replied on behalf of Clara Chía: “Have dignity ma’am”

Martha Isabel Bolaños, known as "the pupuchurra"He humorously answered how Clara Chía would have reacted to Shakira's attacks.  Screenshots of soap operas.Martha Isabel Bolaños, known as “La Pupuchurra”, answered with humor how Clara Chía would have reacted to Shakira’s attacks. Screenshots of soap operas.

On January 11th Shakira It showed why she is still the favorite for followers of her music and the industry continues to hold a special place for the Barranquillera woman who fell in love with her hips. The start of the Music Sessions No. 53 It was the perfect setting for the artist to vent and in front of the mic all the pain and non-conformity she had spared herself as a result of infidelity Gerard Pique.

Lady Noriega shared an old photo with Shakira.  Photo credit: @ladynoriega7 / Instagram

Lady Noriega shared an old photo with Shakira showing her full support

In the message, the actress and singer asked Shakira to give true love a chance, the only one worth loving, the love of Jesus Christ

And it’s not for nothing, because the Colombian sent against her ex-partner and his new girlfriend. Clara Chia, the 23-year-old who now owns the former Spanish footballer’s heart and who Shakira He dedicated some text fragments like: “He has a name, a good person … Sure, it’s not what it sounds like …” or “I don’t even know what happened to you … I’m two worth of 22… You swapped a Ferrari for a Twingo.

Despite the fact that they confirm this on social networks Klara Chia would go through a difficult situation regarding what the interpreter of monotonía and te congratulations says, the truth is that netizens have shown their talent to recreate what could be the answer of the young girlfriend of Gerard Pique, through a picture of Ugly Betty and the meeting they had Sofia and The pupuchurra.

Originally taken from the social networks @marthaisabeliiOriginally taken from the social networks @marthaisabelii

But it was the protagonist of the funny moment herself that added spice to the situation. This is Martha Isabel Bolaños who decided to address the subject with some humor since the famous Pupuchurra published what should be the answer Klara Chia to Shakira, after his ‘Tiraera’.

JuanDa.  Instagram @juandam___

JuanDa spoke about Shakira and seems to have hinted at his ex Camilo Triana

Throughout 2022, the Colombian influencer made headlines not only for breaking up with his colleague, but also for his depression

Joining the wave of memes with her image as the lover of Sofía’s ex-husband in the famous Colombian production, the actress took the opportunity to parody a situation that would be humorous, using one of the phrases she kept repeating , Roman commented off-screen: “Have dignity ma’am, retire and let’s live in peace.”

Also, next to the picture there is a clear message that says: “Clara Chía listening to Shakira’s new song” and in order not to create further controversy, Bolaños clarified that this was a joke that he found funny and he didn’t want to that it happens to other instances.

The actress recalled when “La Pupuchurra” humorously responded to how Clara Chía would have reacted to Shakira’s attacks

In less than 24 hours, the artist managed to accumulate almost 60 million views, thus dethroning Luis Fonsi’s Despacito, who recorded almost 25 million views in the same time youtube. The song that bears the name SHAKIRA || BZRP Music Sessions #53 it also rose to prominence on Twitter, trending and racking up more than two million mentions on its first day of launch.

The couple, targeted by the paparazzi since the ex-footballer ended his relationship with Shakira, were arrested at the exit of a restaurant

Woman who appeared in Shakira’s home video with Gerard Piqué wasn’t Clara Chía: “Enough!”

At the time, it was confirmed that it was not the former footballer’s current girlfriend, but a person with a close resemblance to the young Spaniard, another Kosmos employee

It topped the charts on platforms like iTunes and Spotify, making a name for itself as the first of the top-grossing releases of 2023 Shakira be one of the highest searches on this type of platform and add millions to your bank account. As reported by Digital Music News, who have analyzed the values ​​that the platforms grant to each reproduction.

For example, youtube it pays about $0.00069 per call, which is $68,250 on the first launch day. For his part spotify, which is one of the most famous music platforms in the world, gives the Barranquillera the sum of 0.0037 dollars per reproduction, which adds almost 55,500 dollars to their bank account, for more than 15 million in the first 24 hours.

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