La Ptite Fumee will remember Rock The Pistes 20

La P’tite Fumée will remember Rock The Pistes – 20 minutes

La P’tite Smoke at Rock The Pistes

“We really felt the altitude at the level of the breath”

The French psy-trance group returned to the Rock The Pistes festival in Morgins (VS) on March 18, 2023. Their members were still hot when they left the stage.

Posted Mar 18, 2023 8:37pm

The members of La P’tite Fumée are live performers.

Denis lifting

“It was incredible, atypical, unforgettable, magnificent and absolutely beautiful”. The four members of La P’tite Fumée were at a loss for words to describe their concert at Rock The Pistes on Saturday March 18, 2023 in Morgins (VS). The musicians, who play psychedelic trance spiced with flute and didgeridoo, still had shortness of breath shortly after leaving the stage: “It was the first time that we played in the snow and above all so high up (note: the stage was mounted at 1850 meters). We felt it on the level of the breath. And that from the beginning of the concert.

The fame of La P’tite Fumée exploded in late 2022 when the group reached the final of the show “France has an incredible talent” on M6. “To be honest we haven’t really felt like we’ve exploded since then. Even if it was of course a big plus on several levels. This allowed us to introduce ourselves to a new audience that doesn’t come to parties or festivals. At the same time, we hallucinate seeing all the armored rooms in which we are filming, “explained the Ariège group.

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