La Materialista is signed to Eury Matos, manager of El Alfa

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Santo Domingo, Dr.

The urban music singer The materialist got engaged to her boyfriend Eury Matos, is the manager of urban exponent El Alfa.

bushes traveled to Mexico to meet again with Yameiry InfanteFirst name of the artist participating in the TV show “La casa de los famosos”.

The whole show was part of the program, because during the broadcast of the episode, the performer of “Levels” can be seen hugging her boyfriend very comfortably after a romantic dinner.

Matos asked the actress to look up at the sky to witness what would be a spectacle Drones showing an infinity figure, a ring, the initials of his name, and finally the marriage proposal.

“I can’t say anything but show you that for being the special person you have become in my life, the most important thing to me, my dream‘ was one of the words Eury said to his current fiancĂ©.

Between laughter and apparently surprised, the city singer said “Yes”.

Matos and La Materialista went public with their relationship in early January following an avalanche of courtship rumors.

You just came into my life when I least wanted or was looking for love. And with your nobility and values, you opened the doors of my heart,” were the words Infante expressed when publicizing their relationship in a video posted to his Instagram account.

Last March 2022, the Masvip portal raised the possibility that both were having an affair, since a video was circulating on social networks in which the performer of “Las chapas que vibran” was seen very affectionately with the artistic businessman with whom he had already shared in October 2021 at the “El Jefe” concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City.