La Mantide: tonight the second episode of the French series will be broadcast on Canale5

La Mantide: tonight the second episode of the French series will be broadcast on Canale5

Carole Bouquet is the protagonist of La Mantide, a French series whose second episode will be broadcast tonight on Canale 5.

It’s on the air tonight August 31, 2022 at 9:35 p.m on channel 5 there second episode out The praying mantis. It is about one TV miniseries produced in 2017 by the French network TF1, which will appeal to those who love the detective genre. Titled in the original The loverthe series is a crime created by Alice Chegaray Breugnot, Nicholas Jean, Gregory Demaison and Laurent Vivier and has a well-known face as the protagonist, that of the charming actress, now 65 years old, Carole Bouquet. The mini-series is divided into 6 episodes, which will be broadcast in three episodes by Mediaset, following the custom of two episodes per evening. Directed by Alexander LaurentAlso , specialist for thriller TV products, relies on the presence of the cast Fred Testot, Manon Azem, Pascal Demolon, Frederique Bel, Jacques Weber and Robinson Stevenin.

La Mantide: the plot of the second installment of the French series

As we have seen in the first episodethe history of The praying mantis takes place in Paris and tells the story of a ruthless serial killer who is being hunted by the police. The murders of the wanted man are similar to those of a famous killer of the past known as La Mantide, who had terrorized France over twenty years earlier by killing seemingly perfect men who committed acts of violence against defenseless women and children. The woman in question by name Jeanne Deberplayed by Carole Bouquetshe is serving a life sentence, but she is the only one who can help the commissioner Ferracci to solve the case.

She is then allowed to work with the police to track down the psychopath emulating her, but she agrees on one condition: that the detective Damien carrot Take part in the investigation and let him be your direct contact. Why exactly carrot? Because the man is his son. Perhaps for ransom, perhaps out of guilt, the boy actually became a police officer and distanced himself from his mother, with whom he had nothing to do after the conviction. As a result, Damien must confront his own demons, particularly those of his parents, and uncover previously hidden secrets about his family.

In this second episode The police realize the investigation is more complicated than expected and that former serial killer Jeanne’s advice has become essential. Damien discovers a secret that takes him back to childhood memories, while Lucie’s suspicions about her husband make her want to delve into his past herself. Regarding the killer on the loose, the Mantis takes his next step, allowing Achilles to find an element that binds the victims of the wanted one together. Meanwhile, Damien decides to visit his mother’s psychiatrist.

there The second episode of La Mantide will air tonight 31st August 2022 on channel 5.