La Dama Velata: The Fiction is back on Rai1 tonight with Lino Guanciale and Miriam Leone

La Dama Velata: The Fiction is back on Rai1 tonight with Lino Guanciale and Miriam Leone

The Rai1 Fiction is back with Lino Guanciale and Miriam Leone as Count Guido Fossà and Countess Clara Grandi and protagonists of an intense love story.

In which early evenings this hot summer 2022, La Dama Velata is back. there fiction With Linen cushions and Miriam Leone, will be broadcastas answer totonight, July 31, 2022 and for six eveningsat 21.25 on Rai1. L’intense love story between Countess Clara Grandi and Count Guido FossàFirst aired in 2015, will keep us company until the end of August, between intrigue, betrayal, mysteries and a lot of passion.

La Dama Velata: The Storyline of Rai1 Fiction

there Fiction The Veiled Lady is aired on Rai1, for the first time in March 2015. there series told the passionate and problematic love in between KlaraDaughter of Count Vittorio Grandi, e Guido Fossa, a womanizer and avid gamer. The two, completely different from each other, are forced into marriage. In fact, Count Grandi made agreements with Fossà and decided to give him his daughter in marriage in order to have a nephew and an heir. This relationship, born out of commitment and to pay off gambling debts, will eventually grow into a powerful passion. However, the two will really fall in love and end up throwing a spanner in the works Adelaide (Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere), Clara’s evil aunt and to his son Cornelio (Andrea Boska), the always, They plan to acquire the family fortune and they hide a great secret. intrigue and betrayalwill bring them Clara fakes her death and return disguised – and with her face veiled – to her husband’s house as governess to little Aurora, her daughter. The Veiled Lady wants to find out who tried to kill her and if her husband Guido is really the instigator of her murder.

La Dama Velata: The plots of the first two episodes will be broadcast tonight – in repeat – on Rai1

episode 1, broken roots: Clara, now the Veiled Lady, fondly remembers her childhood. Born in San Leonardo, the countess – orphaned by her mother – was raised by the farmers of the estate. Her father, the grumpy Count Grandi, does not want to take care of her, disappointed that he did not have a son and therefore no worthy heir. Little Clara grows up surrounded by the love of her adoptive parents and by Matteo, the child the peasants adopt when the girl is about 5 years old. The “Countess” has grown up and is a beautiful and very sweet young woman. Everyone in the village loves her except her cousin Cornelio. The boy, the earl’s nephew, was entrusted with the management of the estate by his uncle and does not tolerate his cousin’s accommodating and friendly attitude towards their workers. In order to help Clara, however, Matteo, who seems to have a very special bond, has a second thought. During an unwelcome visit from her cousin, the protagonist meets Guido Fossà, a contemptible womanizer who immediately makes a bad impression on her. Clara’s life changes radically when her father tells her that he has decided to marry her and calls her to Trento, where she has to move immediately and leave her entire family. In town, she meets Adelaide, her aunt and Cornelio’s mother, who is destined to look after her. But the woman is hiding a terrible secret: it is she who got rid of Clara’s just-born twin brother!

episode 2, In the father’s house: Clara is struggling to settle in Trento and does not have the same freedom and lightheartedness as in San Leonardo. In town, however, he meets Carlotta, a distant cousin of his who is engaged to Baron Valluri, who invites her to his engagement party. The Countess thinks this is the right opportunity to flee with Matteo, but unfortunately her plans don’t seem to work out. The meeting with Count Guido Fossà, whom she had met a few days before, was her undoing. Matteo doesn’t show up for the escape because a tragedy has broken out in San Leonardo, and Clara gets to know Count Fossà better. To her horror, her father tells her in the morning that he wants to sell the family property and to avoid this she decides to marry the man Count Grandi has chosen for her. These others are none other than Guido. The umpteenth meeting between the two is terrible. When Fossà discovers that his wife is the girl he met at the party the day before, he begins to mistreat Clara, leaving her alone on their wedding night and getting into gambling troubles again. But an old acquaintance of hers aggravates the situation. A certain Gerard, having found out that his old friend has married and can now have a large dowry, asks him for a loan. In order to get the money, she will blackmail him by reminding him that she knows a big secret.

The Veiled Lady: Curiosity

Three old acquaintances of ours took part in the La Dama Velata series. In which Role by Anita StaineriClara’s farmer friend and in love with Matteo, we think Ursula Corberothat is now known Tokyo en The paper house. In the role of Botèthe good quiet factor of San Leonardo, is there instead Germano Bellaviathe Guido Del Bue out A place in the Sun. In the shape of the unfortunate amelie, Guido’s first wifewe find instead Giuseppe Buscemi who shares the title of Miss Italy with the protagonist Miriam Leone.

The Veiled Lady come back upstairs Rai 1, as answer to, from tonight at 21.25.